Austrian Crystal Ring

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This gorgeous renee ring is made to be wear everyday. The round cut makes the ring look unique. Perfect for engagement. 

Product Details: 

Material: Brass-18k Gold-Rose gold plating. Extra coating plating 0.05ml thickness for long lasting shine. Nickel Free. 

Stones: Austrian Crystals. Size: 6.1mm x1.5mm x 1.3mm

Style: Round Cut  Ring. Renee Style

Weight: 1.7 g.

Availability: Silver/ Rose Gold

Sizes: Silver 6-7-8  Rose Gold 6-7-8

Sku# Silver- Size6 1161 Size7 1161-1 Size8 1161-2. Rose Gold Size6 1162 Size7 1162-1 Size 8 1162-2