Evil Eye Bracelet
Evil Eye Bracelet
Evil Eye Bracelet
Evil Eye Bracelet
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Evil Eye Bracelet

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The evil eye in some culture, protect you from bad vibes from other person. It is to believe that brings bad luck to that person, who envy you in anyway. Some people believe that the Evil Eye has to be gift it, to be more effective. If the Evil Eye breaks that means that it protects you from an evil thought. So why not buy a give to that person that you appreciate alot?

Product Details: 

Material: 925 Sterling Silver. Extra coating plating 0.05ml thickness for long lasting shine. Nickel Free.

Stone: Austrian Crystal 

Size: Charm: 25 cm Bracelet: 6-8 Adjustable 

Style: Evil Eye Bracelet, Religious.Bolo closing 

Weight: 2.8 g

Availability: Silver-Blue Eyes

Sku# 1201