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Healing Natural Stones Keychain

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Everybody knows that having  a healing stone in their hands is a beautiful treasure. One of the reason is that healing stones when you get in contact with them provide you physical, emotional and spiritual healing It helps you to fight anxiety, stress and  improve creativity. Some might says, that touching and speaking to the crystals brings vital force energy through your body. To active that energy we have to keep them close to us,  like keep them in our pocket or keep close to our beds. 


  • Sodalite: Communication, Self-Expression, Truth.
  • Rose Quartz:Unconditional Love, Emotional Healing, Compassion. 
  • Aventurine: Energy boosts, Remove anything that  is blocking the third eye, Letting go of selfish thinking and bad habits. Self Discipline.
  • Red Jasper: Strengh, Honesty, Stability. Help alleviate Anxiety.
  • Monnstone: Promotes Positive well-being and balance,Enhance Nutrition. Wishes and balance.
  • Blue Goldstone: Stone that deflects bad energies, and brings good luck. Good for hoping wishes. 
  • Picture Jasper: Protection, Brings Comfort and alleviate fear. Tranquility, gives support during times of stress. 
  • Tiger Eye: Self-Motivation,Warrior Spirit, Willpower. Protection against force evil. Prosperity.
  •  Red Goldstone: Release emotions, Helps recover from weakness when you get sick. Brings positive self-esteem.
  • White Agate:  Balance and Release.Helps harmonize feminine and masculine sides.