Christmas Face Mask

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The most beautiful time of the year is christmas. We enjoy with the family and share memories. So we want to be elegant and fashion at the same time. The christmas mask is perfect for this time of the  year. They are made from cotton, is one size fits all. Very confortable to breathe. Adjustable so you don't have to worry about not to fit you with elastic ear straps. Precautions: there are not medical mask. Do not give protection againts  virus. It is washable with cold water. It is not returnable or cannot be exchange.There are christmas fashion mask, to look gorgeous for the holidays. In Stock. We do not exchange the mask because of safety,, so it is Final Sale. LIMITED EDITION 

Product Details: 

Material: Cotton 

Style: Christmas Face Mas, Adjustable Elastic ear straps.

Availability: In Stock

Sku# 1082- Little Girl- 1082-1 Star- 1082-2 Santa little Dear- 1182-3 Santa Sleigh- 1182-4 Christmas House- 1182-5 Snowman- 1182-6 Merry Christmas- 1182-7 Coca Cola- 1182-8- Little Cat.