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Headband Glasses Set

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$14.99 USD
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$14.99 USD

Beautiful Headband and sunglasses set, perfect for summer time. Cute to show off your baby. 

Product Details:

Material:  Headband: 95% Polyester 5% Cotton Sunglass: PVC frame.

Age: Headband: 1-3  Sunglasses 3-4 

Size:  Bow: 9.5 cm × 13.5 Glasses: 5 ×12.5 cm

Style:  Baby Headband / Glasses Set

Availability:  Unicorn, Red Heart, Black Dots, Pink Flower, Baby Blue, Blue Ivory 

Sku# 12113-Unicorn 12113-1 Red Heart 12113-2 Black Dots 12113-3  Pink Flower 12113-4 Baby Blue 12113-5i Blue Ivory 12113-6 Peach